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New to having a cat sitter?

No sweat. These are the basic steps!

Cat Playing with Food

Step oNE: Get In Touch

Shoot me a message telling me about your pet(s) and detailing what your needs are. If you aren't sure yet, that's fine. We can figure it out together.

Step two: Meet & Greet

I stop by to meet you and the furkid(s). We go over basics like feeding, litter, hiding spots, favorite toys, etc. If you decide to book I'll accept the key at this time. You can also leave it with a doorman or in a lockbox. If you are frequently away, I am able to securely hold your key for as long as you wish.

Cat Feeding
A cat starring

Step Three: Finalize Booking

I'll send you a vet release (allowing me to take your pet to the vet on your behalf if there is an emergency) and a pet instruction form. You can request a copy of my pet sitter insurance. Payment is due prior to start of services. I accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle & cash.

Step Four: The visits.

After each visit you will receive a summary and photos of your kitties. My phone is always on for you to contact me. The goal is for you to have a worry free experience and know that your pets are being well cared for while you are away.

Caressing a Cat
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