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Cat Fam: please check out the SCHEDULE section to view availability for your dates.


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Drop-in visit

A 30 minute visit to tend to your cat’s basic needs: feeding, litter scooping/refreshing and socialization. This can include playing, petting and grooming or simply being present if your cat is shy.

Ginger Cat

Extended Drop-In visit

A 45-60 minute visit. If your cat needs a little extra one on one time for play and cuddles, this is the choice for you!

           Canine family members 

We love our dog siblings!  All services are happily extended to canine family members.


 UWS cats doesn't charge extra for weekends, off hours or last minute requests. You can shoot a text to request services, ask me to pick up some extra litter on my grocery run or simply share a cat joke. I strive to make both my cat and human clients happy. 

Cat Lying


For the cat who likes a human snuggle buddy at night and a few extra bed time stories. A 9-10 hour overnight sitting session.  


Cat Resting


 A free add on service. This can be added to a drop-in or overnight visit. Oral syringe, pilling or insulin administration. 

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