Can you visit my cat at a specific time of day?

I accommodate specific time requests in conjunction with medication administration. For other requests I offer a choice of either Morning or Evening. Morning visits are completed between (5:00am-11:00am). Evening visits are completed between (5:00pm-11:00pm). I sometimes do afternoon visits, but not consistently.  If you have special time requests just reach out and ask. If I am free, I will do my very best to make it work! 

My cat is kind of grouchy, is that okay?

For sure. Our pets have different personalities, just like we do. If your cat is a bit ‘grouchy’ and allows hands off care only or tolerates a small bit of petting before she gives a swat I can promise that I won’t take offense. S/he is still welcome :).

Can you visit my cat more than once a day?

Of course! Many kitties are on an am/pm feeding schedule, required BID meds or are simply used to seeing their people before and after work. Multiple visits a day are no problem. 

My cat likes to be hand fed and will only play with you if you are wearing a cat mask. Is that too weird?

Nothing is too weird when it comes to cats. If your cat has some strange habits, please share.

Will you update me after you visit my cat?

Absolutely! After each visit you can expect to receive an email report detailing how your cat is doing as well as pictures of them having fun. If they are feeling extra cute they may want to send a video too.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am insured by Pet Sitter’s Associates. I've also elected to add expanded coverage for client's pets AND Broadened property damage coverage. I've never needed to use my insurance (knock on scratchpost). You will have a copy of my insurance certificate to keep. 

Do you have experience with exotic pets?

The only exotics I have ample experience with are rabbits and I’m happy to offer sitting for them as well. 

Do you visit other areas of the city besides the UWS?

Yes. I started sitting for cats in my own neighborhood (UWS) but now I have clients in Midtown West, UES, West Village and Washington Heights. My availability to sit in your neighborhood depends upon how busy I am on any given week! 

Are you bonded? 

 Bonding insures employees of a company. For a solo sitter such as myself bonding does not apply. If you hire a sitter from a company it is very imporant to make sure the sitter is bonded or carries their own personal insurance. 

Why do you charge holiday fees? 

  Ok, no one has ever actually asked this but just in case... I add a fee during holiday periods due to the high booking volume and long days. Plus it's time that I don't get to spend with my own family. (Although I love my cat fam very much ^_^ ).

   Are you okay with cameras in the home?
     Totally.  I like to talk and sing to the cats though, so if your camera has audio I apologize in advance haha.

 Do you have social media? 

  Yup! Let's be friends on instagram: @upperwestsidecats

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